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The capital of the Green Heart of Holland. The heart of where city and countryside meet. Where cows are grazing and cheese is made. Together with its surrounding villages the city has a unique and open landscape, which flows together with a contemporary and historical city centre.
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Woerden is the capital of the Green Heart. Woerden is a strong, characteristic and accessible congregation, in the middle of the Green Heart. The combination of city and its surrounding villages is big enough to keep evolving, it has the ability to rise above the average and has all that is needed to deserve the title ‘Capital of the Green Heart’.

The city itself owns a wealth of history, the surrounding contemporary suburbs and villages share a wealth of Green Heart country life. Woerden is characterised by the tranquillity of nature and the lively activity in the city centre, which is full of shops, restaurants and organised events. Woerden has something for everybody. Woerden is easily accessible because of its central location and infrastructure. The involvement of both residents and local business strengthens the open and social character of the community.

Woerden Molen de Windhond

The Green Heart is a national landscape. It boasts a wealth of history, many monuments and an open, green and pure peat meadow area with lots of recreational facilities.

Woerden is located in the centre of the Green Heart and is therefore also known as the gateway to a cultural and recreational journey of discovery. You can find the authentic and original feeling of Holland within the congregation.  From the grazing cows to cheese making, from country life to a lively city centre hosting shops and terraces.

Residents and visitors are visiting the countryside in the Green Heart more frequently. It’s a trend from rural towns, which local businesses use to their advantage by creating bicycle routes, tour packages and various other recreational facilities.

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Accessibility - Woerden is centrally located in the Netherlands, 30 minutes from cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, located in the Green Heart of Holland. Woerden is an OV-junction and offers excellent connections between the border cities.

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