The 'Petrus' tower, or the mini Domtoren of Woerden. This stunning church is open to visitors and you can even climb the 142 steps of the tower under supervision of a guide! You have the most spectacular view over the Green Heart of Holland from the top... 


The carillon in the Petrustoren at Kerkplein in Woerden sounds beautiful. Every other week, during the market on Wednesday mornings, Friday nights, Saturdays and during special occassions, the characteristic church chimes play. The carillon is played manually by a regular carillonneur. In short: the carillon provides a unique sound and contributes to the city's atmosphere. 

  • Climb the 'Petrus' tower in Woerden

    Climb the Petrustoren for a stunning view over Woerden and the region. Every second and fourth Saturday of the month special tours around the tower are organized. The climbs start at 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00 pm. You can contact VVV Woerden for tickets.


    Climb the 'Petrus' tower in Woerden petrustoren
  • Visit the Petrus church in Woerden

    The Petrus church is opened to visitors on the same days - and more - as the Petrustoren. The Reformed Municipality of Woerden opens its doors in order for visitors to admire the beautiful interior of the church.

    bezichtiging petruskerk