Practical information

Find practical information for your visit to Woerden. Woerden is easily accessible, both by car and public transport. There are good train connections to the peripheral cities and the station is within walking distance of the city center (about 10 minutes). Want to know more or need advice planning your visit? Contact VVV Woerden.

Good to know - Camper spots in Woerden

Woerden has two free camper spots. These spots are ideal for a recreational stay. The locations each have 3 camper pitches available, where you can park for a maximum of 3 times 24 hours. The locations do not have any facilities other than the camper pitches and can be used throughout the year.

Club O'four, Woerden                                                  Veldwijk 1, 3446 HB Woerden

Sportvereniging Siveo, Zegveld                                 Milandweg 31, 3474 KK Zegveld

Cash withdrawals

GWX Travelex                                                                                                 
Station Woerden

ABN Amro
Westdam 4, 3441 GA Woerden

Rijnstraat 89, 3441 BS Woerden
Steinhagenseweg 2, 3446 GP Woerden
Molenvlietbrink 18 (binnen), 3448 HM Woerden
Middenweg 1, 3474 KC Zegveld
Middenlandsezee 15, 3446 CG Woerden 

Nieuwe Markt 1, 3441 AN Woerden
Wagenstraat 24, 3441 BM Woerden    

SNS Bank
Groenendaal 38-42, 3441 BD Woerden