Historical highlights in Woerden

A traditional Farmers Market Town

Traditionally, Woerden is an authentic Farmers Market Town. It is hard to imagine Woerden without farmers, citizens, country people, cheese, Cow Market and the many regional products. Admire the negotiating by "handjeklap" on the Cheese Market, where the prices are still written on the historic "Kaasbel" and discover more about the history of cheese during a Cheese City walk with a Gilde guide.

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Experience the Roman history

Woerden was located along the Roman Limes and is therefore one of the six Limes junctions. The Limes is a Roman border that ran straight through the Netherlands. Throughout the city there are several Roman art objects on display.

Tip: Take the Leo Gestel Route!

Admire the great works of art

Admire the great artworks of Leo Gestel throughout the city center of Woerden! Leo Gestel, who is originally from Woerden, is known for his beautiful paintings and artworks. You can obtain the route at VVV Woerden (Emmakade 6a).

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