Woerden for groups

Group activities - A few of our locations

Natuurlijk Ritme (music workshops)

Natuurlijk Ritme (‘Natural Rhythm’) offers swinging music workshops, such as African Singing & Swinging, Djembe and the unique 'Kaasdrummen' (cheese drumming). The inspiring workshops take about 1,5 hours and are suitable for groups. You will leave happy and recharged!

Ultimate cow-to-cheese experience

The Cheese Warehouse is new in Woerden and unique in the Netherlands. This taste- and experience center is thé place where everything in terms of cheese comes together. Learn, look, taste and more!

Boerderij de Boerinn

Boerderij de Boerinn

© Boerderij de Boerinn

Farm 'Boerderij de Boerinn'

Visit 'Boerderij de Boerinn' for an authentic experience on the farm. From polder sports to clog golf and canoeing, you won't get bored here. With over 20 different activities!

Petrustoren Woerden

Petrustoren Woerden

© Petrustoren Woerden

The most spectacular view over Woerden

The Petrustoren is a special and strikingly beautiful monument in Woerden. You can climb the tower and enjoy the breathtaking view over Woerden from the top.

Inspiration at Kameryck

Kameryck is located in the middle of the Green Heart of Holland, an extraordinary location. The surroundings breathe the rural atmosphere of the green environment. Kameryck offers many fun activities!