City trip Woerden

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Spending the night in Woerden

Woerden offers too much fun for just one day. Extend your stay and spend the night in one of the cozy accommodations. From a boutique hotel in the middle of the city center to rural Bed and Breakfasts and campsites in the area: Woerden has something for everyone.

Overnight stays in Woerden

Attractions in Woerden that can not be missed

  • Cheese experience

    The Cheese warehouse taste- and experience center is thé place where everything in terms of cheese comes together. Learn, see, taste and more. Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you be able to come this close to cheese as in the modern cheese warehouse at Emmakade 6a in Woerden.

    Cheese experience Kaaspakhuis
  • City walk

    Woerden, a city with a Roman history. Woerden is a fortified city and a garrison city. This is reflected in the arsenal, the barracks, exercise field and the beautiful canals. A city guide of Gilde Woerden can show you all of this during a city walk.

    City walk
  • Petrus tower

    The Petrustoren is a special and strikingly beautiful monument in Woerden. You can climb this beautiful tower and can enjoy a spectacular view over Woerden at the top of the tower.

    Petrus tower petrustoren