Must sees in Woerden

Get ready to be surprised

  • Experience cheese in the Reypenaer Cheese Warehouse

    Reypenaer ripes its cheeses in a historic cheese warehouse in Woerden, dating back to 1906. Due to the special microclimate that arose in the old cheese warehouse in the course of time and because of the natural changes in temperature and humidity, a particularly beautiful taste is created. You can participate in a tour and cheese tasting. 

    Experience cheese in the Reypenaer Cheese Warehouse
  • Visit the City museum

    The Citymuseum is located in the heart of Woerden. In this former 16th-century 'Stedehuys' with a pillory, both history and art can be admired. The museum building itself is already an attraction.

    Visit the City museum
  • Admire great works of art

    Admire the great artworks of Leo Gestel throughout the city center of Woerden! Leo Gestel, who is originally from Woerden, is known for his beautiful paintings and artworks.

    Admire great works of art leovangestel
  • Experience Dutch crafts

    The Windhond is a round stone mill built in Woerden in 1755. Today the mill is well maintained and is an important part of the cityscape.

    Experience Dutch crafts molendewindhond
  • Experience the historical highlights

    A family day or an outing with colleagues coming up? Book a nice historical city walk at Gilde Woerden and be amazed by the rich history of Woerden!

    Experience the historical highlights

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Visit the region!

  • Experience the Green Heart of Holland

    The Green Heart of Holland, a Dutch nature reserve with local produce, mills and farms. Visit the picturesque villages and towns, enjoy the vast nature and many Dutch Lakes. You will find no less than 9000 trips and tips to spend one or more days in this beautiful area on the website 

    Experience the Green Heart of Holland Boerderij de Boerinn Woerden
  • Visit Utrecht region

    Would you like to discover more nice places in the region, besides Woerden? Enjoy the conviviality in Amersfoort, admire the royal Baarn, imagine yourself in the history of Vianen, be warmly welcomed in Bunschoten-Spakenburg or go hiking and cycling through the beautiful nature of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. In short: there is plenty to do in Utrecht region!

    Visit Utrecht region
  • Discover the Cheese Valley

    Yellow gold. That’s what we call our Gouda cheese in this region. The world-famous, characteristic cheese in the shape of a wheel, weighing up to a magnificent 16 kilos. An oasis of calm and space, right among the four largest cities of the Netherlands. And today still, this very Dutch landscape of grazing cows, ditches and pollard willows is where cheese is made from milk of our own cows. From young cheese to fully mature cheese and herb cheese to truffle cheese. The flavour varies from farm to farm and even from season to season.

    Discover the Cheese Valley Cheese Valley Krimpenerwaard