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Woerden surprises

Let yourself be surprised by this picturesque historic fortified town. Plan your city trip to Woerden and visit the 10 must-sees. Discover the rich Roman history, experience Woerden Farmers Town with its cheese warehouses and Farmers markets and enjoy in the beautiful green surroundings.

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Cheese Market

Every saturday from the 28th of April till the 25th of August → Cheese Market 

Woerden is the best place to treat the public to a royal Cheese Feast every Saturday. The city relies on an age-old Cheese Market tradition that still exists today. In 1885 the first batches of cheese were transported from the country side to the city centerto be traded. That trade still determines the prices of farmers cheese today. After the trade, the selling prices and purchase prices - which are binding for farmer and trader - are written on the Kaasbel, which is situated right next to the Stadshotel.


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