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Woerden is the gateway to the Green Heart. Its beautiful surroundings offer many fun activities that you can visit on foot, by bike, or by waterway. Admire this beautiful fortified city and explore its rich history. Be amazed by the unique places of interest that Woerden has to offer. Discover the city centre or vist the places of interest and experience Woerden.

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    Experience the taste of Woerden at the various and unique restaurants that can be found in the city.

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    Discover the Netherlands' natural beauty from the Green Heart's main city by bike, on foot or by hiring a boat.

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    Sleep in one of many attractive accommodations that Woerden has to offer.

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    Discover the stores and let the versatility of Woerden surprise you.


Cheese Market - Discover the culture

Cheese Market

Explore the culture of a true farmers cheese market in Woerden. In Woerden's historical city centre, you can still experience the family farm tradition of taking produce to the market. To get a taste of the traditional cheese trader, the farmer's and cheese market takes place between 11:00 and 13:00 every Saturday from May until August.

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Enjoy this picturesque historic fortified town. Plan your city trip to Woerden and visit the 10 must-sees. Discover the rich Roman history, experience Woerden Farmers Town with its cheese warehouses and Farmers markets and enjoy the beautiful green surroundings.

Advice or tips for a day out, weekend trip or a group outing? Contact the VVV Woerden.

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