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  • Holiday week of Woerden

    The Woerden Holiday Week consists of seven days of celebrations full of activities, entertainment, and of course fun during the last week of the summer holidays

    Holiday week of Woerden
  • Summerlake Festival

    End the festival season in style with a visit to Summerlake Festival at The Molenvliet district park. The Molenvliet district park offers visitors the ultimate festival feeling in an intimate setting. Surrounded by water, greenery and various cozy areas, Summerlake offers an unforgettable experience.

    Summerlake Festival
  • Akoestival & Kunstpark

    The Akoestival is a musical tradition. it is a regional festival, while the performing bands are either from Woerden or its direct surroundings. There is also a cozy art market. You will need an extra pair of eyes and ears at Akoestival & Kunstpark.

    Akoestival & Kunstpark
  • National Veteran Meeting

    The National Veteran Meeting is an annual event for classic mopeds, scooters and motorbikes on the Exercitieveld in Woerden. It is one of the most important events for classic two-wheelers in the Netherlands. Participants and visitors come from all over the country to enjoy all the beauty here.

    National Veteran Meeting Harleydag woerden
  • Night of Woerden & Cow Market

    The Night of Woerden is a bubbly party in the city center of Woerden. Traditionally, it takes place on the night prior to the Cow Market. To start off, one visits the International Cyclo-cross. The best cyclists come to Woerden for this important cycling race. Afterwards, the party starts. You can enjoy dj's, live performances and nice drinks. The Cow Market takes place the next Wednesday after the 20th of October. This is a unique folk festival which is placed on the Immaterial Cultural Heritage Inventory.

  • Grass Cheese Day

    The annual Grass Cheese Day has grown into an event with a lot of appeal. A square filled with cheeses, cheese traders, cheesemakers and ofcourse terraces and lovers of the well-known regional product.

    Grass Cheese Day
  • Cheese Market

    Come to the Kerkplein in Woerden on Saturday morning in the months May through August for this Cheese Experience! Traditionally, farmer families have always brought their fresh produce to the city of Woerden. This tradition is still very much alive in the historic center of this market town. Because the city is surrounded by rural countryside, you will find a large variety of fresh regional and local produce at the intimate Farmers Market. Woerden is thé main regional market town. Enjoy shopping for groceries in this picturesque city.

    Cheese Market
  • Street Theater Festival

    The Street Theater Festival in Woerden is a true spectacle! Lovers of street theater can enjoy a day full of surprises and wonders.

    Street Theater Festival
  • Shanty festival

    During the Shanty Festival, the city centre of Woerden is full of activities and fun. A musical feast for young and old!

    Shanty festival Havendagen Woerden
  • Triathlon Woerden

    The Triathlon Woerden has been organised on the day after Pentecost, a national holiday, every year since 1984. Participate yourself or encourage the participants.

    Triathlon Woerden

The Best Packages

  • Cheese & beer

     Pay a visit to the cheese warehouse and end the day with a wonderful beer tasting at “Drinkerij ’t Bierhuys”

    Cheese & beer
  • Clog golf & cheese

    Experience the cheese storage in Woerden and head out for some clog golf at “Boerderij de Boerinn”. 

    Clog golf & cheese
  • The crafts of the Green Heart

    Cycle through the green heart and pay a visit to the rope museum in Oudewater and the cheese warehouse in Woerden.

    The crafts of the Green Heart
  • Cheese experience in the Cheese Warehouse

    Guided by an enthusiastic guide you will learn everything about cheese during a tour through the cheese warehouse.

    Cheese experience in the Cheese Warehouse
  • Hike & Bite

    A good way to get to know Woerden. Learn about cheese and historic places in Woerden.

    Hike & Bite