Cheese Market

Cheese and Woerden

Woerden is the best place to treat the public to a royal Cheese Feast, which usually takes place every Saturday from May to August. The city relies on an age-old Cheese Market tradition that still exists today. In 1885 the first batches of cheese were transported from the country side to the city center to be traded. That trade still determines the prices of farmers cheese today. After the trade, the selling prices and purchase prices - which are binding for farmer and trader - are written on the Kaasbel, which is situated right next to the Stadshotel.


Historic Cheese Market

The annual authentic Cheese Market contains a large variety of exciting, fun and delicous activities on the subject of cheese. Looking sharp, the farmers come to the market by historical means of transport to sell their cheeses. In the course of the day it will be decided who has delivered the best product per category. During the “Vermaak met Smaak”event, the public of Woerden gets the chance to carry out the inspection of the top 5 of best products and decide which of the cheeses is the most delicious. Finally, the outcome of the tug of war between cheese farmers and -traders will decide whether the farmers will receive a higher or lower price per kg of cheese.


Cheese examination Woerden and Grass Cheese Day drew the attention of international travel journalist Oxlaey