Natural Rhythm

Natural Rhythm ('Natuurlijk Ritme') offers vibrant music workshops, such as Djembe, African Singing & Grooving, and the unique Cheese Drumming.

Spend an hour drumming with your hands or sticks on African drums. Passionate instructors will guide you through the captivating world of West African percussion. Or join in the rhythmic singing and dancing. After warming up with clapping and stomping, you'll learn rhythms and melodies.

Looking to try something new? Experience Cheese Drumming. This unique percussion activity, using all materials related to cheese-making, guarantees a hilarious and eye-opening experience. Many groups have enjoyed these inspiring workshops, filled with approximately an hour and a half of joy. You'll leave feeling happy and energized. People find rhythmic activities to be soothing, which is no coincidence as rhythm is directly linked to vitality.


VVV Woerden
Emmakade 6 a
3441 AJ Woerden
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