Dutch IJsselroute

4 hour (20.5 km)

A short but at least as special sailing route between three special cities and villages in the municipality of Montfoort and Oudewater. If you want to extend the sailing route a little, you can board and end up here at sailing junction 23 in Woerden. The route will then take 3.5 hours (23.5 km).

Sights on this route

Starting point: Dorpstraat 14
3461 CS Linschoten

Cheese Warehouse | Cheese Experience

VVV Woerden
Emmakade 6 A
3441 AJ Woerden
Cheese Warehouse | Cheese Experience
Willeskop 130
3417 MG Montfoort
Kasteelplein 1
3417 JG Montfoort
Noord Linschoterdijk 13
3461 AC Linschoten
End point: Dorpstraat 14
3461 CS Linschoten