Historical route

3 hours (52.5 km)

    The route starts in Woerden, where many old buildings and historic buildings can be admired. The route guides you towards the outside area where you will drive through the green, wide polders and you will come across picturesque villages. You will also drive along the beautiful place Haarzuilens which is definitely worth a visit!

    Sights on this route

    Starting point: Kasteel 3
    3441 BZ Woerden

    City Museum Woerden

    Kerkplein 6
    3441 BG Woerden

    Kasteellaan 1
    3455 RR Haarzuilens

    Kasteelplein 1
    3417 JG Montfoort

    Kasteel 3
    3441 BZ Woerden
    End point: Kasteel 3
    3441 BZ Woerden