Cheese farms

Discover the story of real farmers cheese...

In Woerden and its surroundings you find a lot of cheese farms that make cheese that is sold and traded. The cheese farms are mainly familiy businesses where it is tradition to produce farmers cheese. Farmers cheese is produced with fresh raw cow's milk. There are several cheese farms that have opened their doors to visitors. You can have a look and discover how the process of cheesemaking is carried out. 


Visitors are welcome to have a look at cheese farm Janmaat and De Wit Cheese farm

  • Cheese farm Janmaat

    Traditionally, cheese is produced at cheese farm Janmaat in Woerden. The milk of approximately 70 cow's is processed into a variety of farmers cheeses and herb cheeses. The cheese from Janmaat is sold both from the farm and at markets, among which the Regional Market in Woerden. Visit the cheese farm for a tour and an authentic farm experience, or participate in a cheesemaking workshop!

    Kazen Janmaat
  • De Wit Boerenkaas

    De Wit Boerenkaas is a een dairy farm on which the whole process "from cow to farmers cheese" takes place. This family business is all abuot pure, honest and real cheese. Take a look at the cows, the cheese factory, or buy a delicious cheese in the store!

    De Wit Boerenkaas