Enjoy Woerden from the water

The harbour of Woerden is a wonderful place to moor your boat. Located directly near the city center, the harbour is an extension of the striking canal. This offers plenty of space for passers-by. Do you not own a boat? No problem, you can rent boats from different organizations.


De Grechthaven - this harbour is located at the Greft. The harbour has 113 berths, which all have a side or finger pier. Electricity (CEE connection), as well as water tap points, are present at various locations on the jetties. This harbour is the perfect place to moor for a day or even several days.

Sailing in Woerden

Traditionally, Woerden is a fortified city and it is therefore particularly interesting to sail along the canal of Woerden. In addition, Woerden is a wonderful starting point for beautiful sailing routes in the area. You can sail right into the Green Heart of Holland!

Boat rental - Rent a sloop or a canoe and head out!

Sailing along the Limes


Roman Limes: Woerden - Utrecht

Sailing along the Oude Rijn (Rhenus during the Roman Empire) from Laurium (Woerden) to Trajectum (Utrecht).


Roman Limes: Woerden - Zwammerdam

Sailing along the Oude Rijn (Rhenus during the Roman Empire) From Laurium (Woerden) to Nigrum Pullum (Zwammerdam), the northern border of the Roman Empire.

Sailing routes - From Woerden on out, you discover the most beautiful spots

Tip! An extraordinary boat trip

Sail along on a Roman ship!

A unique experience!
Sail along the canal of Woerden on a replica of a Roman ship! From April to October, the Roman Ship Foundation offers a variety of boat trip packages. Every Saturday at 3 p.m. you can sail along aound the 'Per Mare ad Laurium'. This package takes about 1,5 hours, the cruise itself takes about 45 minutes.

Looking for a fun group outing?
Then this is definitely recommended! Book a package for the whole group. Learn more about Roman history and take part in a unique experience, cruising along the canals of Woerden.

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